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Our Team
George and Genevieve Lawen

George and Genevieve Lawen are the original principals of the Lawen Group.

The Lawen Group was established as a single real estate company by Mr. George Lawen in 1972. For several decades, the firm built and owned a modest number of residential projects in the Halifax area and developed a reputation for good quality property management. In 1990 with the formation of Paramount Management, the founder's three sons; Louis Lawen, John Lawen and Peter Lawen became involved in the company while studying at Dalhousie University. Since that time, Paramount's portfolio of properties has grown to more than 900 high quality residential units and 200,000 square feet of office and retail space.
John Lawen

John Lawen is the President of Paramount and a Principal of the company. John has worked in real estate for over 23 years and takes pride in providing accommodations in Halifax's most sought after locations. John holds a Bachelor of Science from Dalhousie University.

Our attention to detail has allowed us to maintain the highest resident satisfaction in the Halifax. We provide a personal, hands-on approach to all aspects of our operations.

Our employees are our greatest asset and we strive to create an environment in which they can thrive every day. Our brand attracts some of the best and brightest individuals to our family business.

Peter Lawen

Peter is responsible for the company's property operations and leasing functions and oversees and directs operational function of all properties within portfolio.

Mina Barsoum, CGA
Accounting Manager

I have been with Paramount Management since 1999 and am currently the Accounting Manager. In my previous life I was a sales representative at IBM in Egypt.

Favorite Film:

What is my favorite slogan or quote?
Happiness comes when you are thankful for what you have

When I was young I wanted to be an ...
Arvin Kovacevic
Property Manager

I joined the Paramount Management team in 2012 as a Property Manager. I am responsible for operational and leasing functions to 27 properties within portfolio (mix of commercial and residential). I brought with me 8 years of experience in property management as well as being an IPOANS certified Property Manager. I was born in Bosnia, and immigrated with my family to Canada in 1992.

Three random facts about me

1) I am an artist
2) I play the bass guitar
3) I have two incredible children and a Cairn Terrier dog who hails by the name HUGO

Who or what inspires me?
My kids and beautiful wife

What is at the top of my bucket list?
To go to Barcelona to see Gaudi's Basilica Sagrada Familia
Diane Lawen
Director of Marketing

Erin McNutt
Office Manager

I have been with Paramount Management since 2006 and currently hold the title of Office Manager. I am also an active board member of IPOANS (Income Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia). Before joining Paramount I was an Administrative Assistant/ Account Clerk with an international sales company for 7 years.

Three random facts about me:

1) I make an amazing meat ball
2) I have three children, a daughter and two fur babies
3) I am obsessed with Pinterest

If I won the lottery what would I do?
I would build and fund an animal shelter, where tail wagging is a must and their only concern is where to dig their next hole

What is at the top of my bucket list?
To have someone look at me as a mentor or idol
Taryn Stiles
Property Manager

I am currently a Property Manager with Paramount Management. I started with Paramount in May of 2013 after many years of experience in distressed property management, real estate sales and office Administration.

If I won the lottery what would I do?
Donate a large sum to the IWK, invest in a development center for troubled youth, and then go on a vacation for a year to a warm place and wing it from there.

Who or what inspires me?
My youngest brother Michael - he loved life and everything that went with it. He treated everyone as an equal without fail.

What is my favorite slogan or quote?
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. - Dr. Seuss
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